4 Cities to Visit in USA on a Budget

A vacation to the most attractive cities in the US can be costly as it is the home of popular tourist destinations like New York, Los Angeles, and Florida. However, other US cities can offer a more budget-friendly trip for visitors. Here are four US cities that can provide you with a trip within your means and a pleasant experience.

How to Travel to the US from France

If you are a French national, you will need a travel visa for your France to USA trip. You can secure your permit by submitting an ESTA application online. Filling out the form will only take five minutes before submission, which means that you can save time on lining up at the US embassy for the necessary visa France USA you need to visit the cities.

Take in the Windy City of Chicago

Chicago is a famous city, but its cheap hotel and accommodation prices will make you think that it is not. The Windy City is known for sports teams like the National Basketball Association’s Chicago Bulls, Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs, and National Football League’s Chicago Bears. Compared to other US cities, Chicago has a lower flight ticket price. Most of the sights you can visit, like The Bean, are free.

Save Money on the Mile High City

If you are a traveler looking for adventure, you can visit Denver in Colorado. Getting to the city itself is already an adventure as it sits at an altitude of over 5,000 feet. Tourists can witness captivating sights on free biking and hiking trails around Denver, which blends Rocky Mountain Western culture with cosmopolitan. The cheapest hotels have a price tag of at least $50 per day, but you can also find hostels that can give you a place to stay for about $19 per night. Denver also has an abundance of breweries, making sure that you and your friends have a good time.

Jazz Up in New Orleans

Musically-inclined tourists need to add New Orleans to their must-visit list. Known as the birthplace of jazz, the Big Easy is the perfect place for visitors to party in style. The famous French Quarter offers tourists with a classy and historic attraction. You can also learn about the city’s history as it boasts a lot of old cemeteries and historic mansions. When it comes to delicious food, New Orleans will keep tourists satisfied with its signature dishes like crawfish, gumbo, Creole dishes, and beignets.

Enjoy the Sun in San Diego

San Diego may always lose to its more glamorous neighbors like San Francisco and Los Angeles, but its location at the Pacific oceanfront can attract visitors just as much. Tourists can enjoy a walk or swim at beaches like the Mission Beach or the Pacific Beach. Visitors can also rent bikes and skates for a fun time with their families. San Diego’s hotels offer an average price of about $128, but there are a lot of hostels available for backpackers looking to socialize with other travelers.

The US is an attractive country for tourists because it can offer anything they desire. However, some cities are better suited for those with an unlimited amount to spend. Despite a strict budget, you can still enjoy your US vacation by visiting cities that give you the whole American experience at a lower price.