Why BIM Consultants Are Necessary

The construction industry is under enormous pressure at the moment. Clients have become more demanding, and the sheer pace of change means that projects must be completed on time and within budget. The penalties for non-compliance to ever more stringent contract conditions can severely impact an organization active in the field.

Thankfully new technology such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) has enabled closer cooperation and coordination between the many inputs and professionals required to meet those stringent requirements. Using BIM 3D modelling and process management systems gives architects, engineers, and construction (AEC) professionals the ability to coordinate efforts. However – the BIM systems are continually evolving – and for many professionals, BIM is unfamiliar territory.


This has meant that there is an increased demand for BIM consultants.


BIM consultants are an essential part of every project management team due to the impact that they can have on the smooth implementation of the system – and how they can assist project teams made up of professionals from many different disciplines leverage the power of the modelling and project management software.


For example, a BIM consultant can ensure that execution plans are based on real-world conditions and realistic and do not result in failure points due to unrealistic expectations on the project owner side. They will also assist with visualization of 3D modelling, trade coordination, model auditing and content creation. These skills are essential if the power of the BIM system and processes are to be leveraged – from the first breaking of the ground to the final building’s decommissioning.


The net result significantly impacts the ROI of all parties concerned, from the professionals who are working on the construction project to the owners – and other stakeholders such as investors.…