6 Animals You Can Only See In New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the countries that are so rich in natural resources. Because of this, the country serves as a home to unusual species of animals. If you are an animal lover, there is nothing more exciting than having close encounters with these creatures. Here are the unique animals you can get the chance to see if you get a New Zealand ETA.

Chevron Skink

 This species is known as New Zealand’s longest lizard, and they can grow as long as 30 centimeters, including their tails. They are often sighted near damp places, like streams, during the summers.


The Kea is a type of parrot that is endemic to the forests of South Island. They are covered with olive-green wings that are also with orange feathers under them. The keas are the only alpine species in the world.

Hector’s Dolphin

The Hector’s dolphin is the rarest and smallest species of dolphin in the world. They are commonly seen in the shallow waters of the coasts of North Island, New Zealand. Their population is estimated at about 55 individuals.


The world’s famous flightless bird is also known for being New Zealand’s national icon. These birds have loose feathers, no tail, and strong legs. At present, it is estimated that there are about 68,000 individuals left.

Royal Albatross

One of the most magnificent species of albatross, this bird is endemic to Auckland and Campbell Island. These birds have large, white bodies with a pink bill and black wings. There are about 9,000 pairs of these birds in the entirety of New Zealand.

New Zealand Fur Seal 

The New Zealand fur seals are often found along the country’s rocky shorelines, and they are distinguishable from their pointy noises with long pale whiskers. Their bodies are also covered with 2 layers of fur colored with a dark grey and brown.

Visit These Animals Soon!

Get your New Zealand ETA and your passport ready so that you can spend some time with these beautiful and unique creatures! Hurry, because an unforgettable escapade is in store for you!

5 Signs You Need An Amazon Marketing Agency

Many businesses have decided to sell their products on Amazon. Unfortunately, they are not all as successful as they would like to be. In some cases, hiring an Amazon marketing agency can help immensely. If you are unsure whether this would be a logical step for your business, here are five signs you should get in touch with a marketing professional sooner rather than later.

You Are Clueless About Optimizing Product Listings


When products are listed on Amazon, they must be optimized to increase their visibility. If this is not something you are familiar with, likely, most people who are looking for products similar to what you are offering will not be able to find you. Instead of allowing your company to lose sales continuously, you should reach out to an Amazon marketing agency and will enable them to help you with this.

Your Profits Are Scant


It is disheartening to have products that you know are very popular, yet you watch them languish in your inventory. In many cases, this is a result of bad marketing. If you have struggled with sales and you are looking for a way to increase your margins, then hiring an agency to help you would be a wise decision. Those who are concerned about paying for assistance should consider how much they are losing by sitting around and doing nothing while their competition is cashing in.

Time Is Limited


To give your products the attention that they deserve, it is sometimes necessary to call in reinforcements. An Amazon marketing agency can be there for businesses that have limited time. Instead of trying to juggle too much at the same time and watching your company suffer in the process, you can hand off the marketing tasks to a 3rd party and allow them to take care of this while you focus your attention on other aspects of running a successful business.

Amazon Support Seems Non-Existent


Many Amazon sellers have issues, and when they reach out to the company directly, they feel like all of their needs are being met. This is a severe problem, especially if this lack of attention leads to issues with sales, customer retention, and things of this nature. The great thing about hiring an agency is that they will make you one of their top priorities. Since they do not want to lose your business, they will be willing to bend over backward to ensure a pleasant customer experience. In many cases, they can provide the assistance you need instead of you having to deal with Amazon directly.

Tools And Apps Are Abound


Whether you believe it or not, there is such a thing as using too many tools and apps when you are selling on Amazon. These things do not take the place of all of the work that can be done by a professional. You do not want to be one of those businesses that are so reliant on techie advancements that they lose sight of everything else. While there is nothing wrong with using these things, they are most effective when used in conjunction with human marketing skills, not as a replacement.


If one or more of these points describe your business, it would be in your best interest to reach out and look for a marketing agency right away. The longer you sit there without trying to seek out some help, the more likely it is, you will lose profits while the competition takes advantage of that and speeds right past you.

12 Tips To Improve Your Home Month By Month During 2019

We all dream of the ideal house, many times we browse magazines, share images on our social networks and admire the rooms of our acquaintances who have a better sense of interior design than we do.

How many times have you noticed yourself: this year if I am going to decorate my living room, one day I will have my house super ordered, next weekend I will install the shelves …? The problem is that life is passed along with good intentions, and dreams are there, in a list of things to do that are not completed due to lack of time, materials or knowledge.

What would you say if the Constructor team told you that there is a way to fulfill these dreams? Science says that the best way to be productive is by making a plan and completing one task at a time, and that is why we put together a list of monthly functions that will improve the way your home looks and feels, are you ready?

January. Spend Time In Your Closet

The beginning of the year is usually complicated, and it is easy to leave the new projects aside, especially when there are so many changes, but it is essential to get the batteries and start somewhere. To start the year, let’s start with a small space, like the closet. Empty it thoroughly and take out everything you do not use, you can think it’s like shopping, but at home, I’m sure you’ll discover things you did not even remember you had. Once you have chosen what you are going to stay, start putting everything in its place: order your clothes by color, use organizers on the shelves and drawers to keep them for longer.

February. Let’s Go For More!

We have already completed our first challenge of the year successfully, so we must not lose the rhythm, it’s time to continue organizing other spaces of the house, what do you think about starting in the kitchen? Then, you can stay with the shelves, shelves, and drawers at home, and even for that box that is full of things you did not remember either. We all have one.

March. Time To Invest In Your Dreams

In March we received the first, and it’s time to take care of your goal. Decorating your bedroom will help you sleep better, and simple changes can make a difference. Think about what things you could improve to rest more, is your mattress comfortable? Is there too much light or noise? Does the cold wake you at night? With a few changes, you can solve these problems and improve your rest. Let’s do it!

April. Use The Dining Room Again

Sure you have a dining table, but do you use it? Sometimes we have breakfast at the kitchen counter, and we have dinner in front of the TV, and that’s comfortable, but think about the real reason why you do not use this space. Is it uncomfortable? Dark? Try to put a table worthy of Instagram, prepare a delicious dinner and sit down as a family to improve your day.

May. A Relaxing And Sophisticated Bath

It is not necessary to remodel the bathroom so that it feels luxurious and comfortable; it does not matter if your bathroom is tiny or very spacious, the instructions are the same: start by organizing and storing your things. Do you have too many products in the shower? Do not you know where to put the towels? Has the bathroom curtain seen better days? Consider placing a new towel rack or rack to save space and consider additional storage to free up space.

June. Modernize Your Home With New Technologies

Today many computers allow you to control from the light to your refrigerator. If you are interested in this topic, you have already installed some of this at home, check if there is an app that helps you control it remotely. You can also start using apps to save time: asking for the super at home from your mobile phone for example. There are apps for almost everything. If you’re not so technological, start by defining a specific space to charge your devices like a tablet and cell phone and give yourself time to recycle your electronic waste, the planet will thank you.

July. It’s Time To Take A Vacation

This month you can try to be a tourist in your city and take a break. Get out of the routine and enjoy new experiences this summer, even without leaving home.

August. Improves The Return Home

It is time to organize from the entrance to your home; it is always easier to get to and leave the house if you can find everything in one place. To achieve this, place a coat rack where you can hang everything. Also, try to change your shoes when you get home and have a pair that you only use at home so that you will keep the house cleaner. Place a small table or shelf where you have space to place your keys, mail and everything you always forget when leaving home. Once it is functional, you can give it some touches to make it look more aesthetic.

September. Focus On Your Sofa

The cold season is approaching, and you will surely want to spend more time in your living room – resting with a good book on chilly evenings or annual meetings. Before you start planning your end of the year events, take some time to improve this space. It’s time to make it to the next level and buy some accessories so you can enjoy more the time you spend in your living room. Buy a rug, add a side table to place books or your coffee and finally hang that box you have saved, you can also create the ideal environment playing with lighting, and, if you like to receive visitors, make sure everyone has a place to sit down and place your drinks.

October. Improve The Atmosphere Of All Your Rooms

This month comes to the change of schedule and with it, the light switches. Do not let your source of illumination be a heavy focus in the middle of the ceiling; think about what areas you need more or less light … can you regulate it with a dimmer? Place a nice lamp near your reading corner and scatter the points of view throughout the room, ideally forming a triangle.

November. It’s Time To Go Back To The Kitchen.

Take some time before the Christmas season to update your cooking tools and try new recipes. Sure you will feel like a chef when you use new accessories. Be relentless and throw away all those utensils that are not in good condition: the rusty knives, the baking molds you have never used, etc.

December. And Now Yes … Get Ready For Happy Hour

We have left the most fun task for the last month of the year. Surely you will be with a party attitude, and as the most intense season comes, we will give you a simple challenge: check your canteen and select the bottles you must replace, create a bar at home and learn to prepare a new drink, you will be the best host in all the Christmas meetings!