4 Top Tips When Travelling to Canada Alone

Canada, as the second largest country in the world, is known with a lot of attractions to explore. They have a convenient transport system and abundant hostels so you need not worry about touring around. The next time you plan solo traveling in Canada, here are the 4 top tips to keep in mind:

Have Your Meals Bought At The Market

Although it’s best to have a taste of Canadian dishes, meals from the market are still way cheaper. They offer different cuisines like Asian and French.

Some famous markets you can try are Richmond Night Market in Vancouver and St. Lawrence Market, the National Geographic’s best food market 2012, in Toronto. The former is open from Friday to Sunday in the months of May to October, and they take pride in their delicious Asian-inspired food. The latter, on the other hand, offers a variety of cuisines that you will surely enjoy!

You can also try other markets like the ByWard Market in Ottowa and Old Port Market in Quebec City.

Use Your Apps!

Don’t just use your phone to take pictures. Instead, use it to make your travel a lot easier! You can download apps that will tell you the places you can visit as well as easy transportation mode to your desired location. It can also connect you to nearby solo travelers that you may want to hang out with.

Visit the Best Free Attractions

Apart from the Hornblower Cruise at Niagara Falls and the National Gallery of Canada that will make you spend money to visit, there are other attractions in the city that are free. You can check out the Jellybean Row and take a lot of photos in the famous bright facades. You can also have a walk at Vancouver’s Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park to appreciate Canada’s natural vibe.

Lastly, When In Doubt, Ask!

Canadians are generally kind and approachable. So if you are in doubt where to go, always ask! They would appreciate that tourists try to interact with their locals. At the same time, it would really save you time when you ask promptly.


Whatever the country you go, the best way to rock solo traveling is to be wise and come prepared! But don’t stay on planning, prepare your papers and eTA Kanada, book the ticket, jump on a plane, and fly safe!