Best Canadian Cafes You Can Try While Traveling

Although coffee shops are a typical establishment in almost all countries around the world, looking for the best ones in your current area should be a part of the itinerary. Using your eta canada, you can explore the best Canadian cafes out there.

Fika Cafe

The word “Fika” means a coffee break, an appropriate name for a cafe. Upon entering, you’ll most likely see Canadians reading or having friendly conversations. The menu is an all-day breakfast type, with a vegan menu if you want other options. The staff is happy to help you with whatever you need, and the Scandinavian vibes give you a relaxed, cozy feel.

Sam James Coffee Bar

The owner, Sam James, is a known caffeine enthusiast and expert, which is why locals squeeze in time to visit and have a taste of his delicious creations. The mixtures may seem simple, but James adds flavor to them by incorporating different beans. And unlike other cafes, Sam James shares his specialty and sells these beans so that you can do your coffee experiments at home.

Boxcar Social

The place exudes a Victorian-era vibe because of the brick walls and wine displays. You might notice that the drinks don’t always taste or look the same, that’s because they own over ten coffee roasters! Don’t forget to try their pizza slices and pastries, which are also delectable.

Dineen Coffee Company

Situated in Toronto, Dineen Coffee Company is commonplace for city people and office workers who need their caffeine fix. Another reason that people frequent the cafe is because of the diversity in their products. They serve drinks by Social Coffee & Tea Company. The vanilla lattes are popular, and you can see a lot of these on Instagram.

Neo Coffee Bar

Neo Coffee Bar is perfect for both coffee and Instagram lovers. The overall design of the cafe is contemporary with beautiful color accents. This cafe sheds light on local and international product suppliers, and once a month, they make a custom menu built from a variety of ingredients. On weekends, don’t bother bringing a laptop because they like to promote new friendships and establish a friendly aura overall.

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