How ETIAS Visa Affects the Common Visa Policy

To improve the trade and tourism across their territories, the European Union has developed a system that manages both the commerce and travels between its many member countries, and this included the common visa policy. To further improve the security measures, Europe has decided to introduce a new system that will warrant travelers from all over the world a travel authorization to Europe called ETIAS. Want to know more about ETIAS and the common visa policy?


If ETA is for Australia and ESTA is for the US, then ETIAS is for the EU. The acronym stands for European Travel Information Authorization System, and it was made to increase security on immigration and border controls for countries included in the Schengen Area.

ETIAS was also meant to be short term, giving its holder up to 90 days to stay in the country. This is because the special visa is limited to tourism or business purpose. If you wish to study or work in a country around the Schengen Zone, you will have to apply for a different visa. If approved, your ETIAS waiver is valid for three consecutive years or at least until your passport expires.

What It Means for the Common Visa Policy

With etias visa, the applicant will only have to apply online before leaving their country. You won’t have to visit the Embassy or Consulate like you do when you are applying for a typical visa. The system is meant to be a security measure and shall not affect other ETIAS eligible countries nor the right of the citizens to travel in an EU country.

All ETIAS-eligible countries are given more freedom to roam around and access the EU zone.

How It Can Affect Your European Travel Plans

Since the list of EU countries is slowly getting longer, the people of these nations will also be awarded visa-free travel to Europe. However, with this comes an increasing threat in their security because they may have a hard time controlling the external borders of the Schengen Zone.

The process of application will also be easy and quick for anyone eligible for it. You will only have to provide your passport information, travel details, and answer some security questions.

It is undoubtedly surprising how come technology has come that you would only need a laptop and an internet connection to file for a visa. ETIAS was made to strengthen your security and convenience on your travels.