Quick New Zealand Travel Tips for Tourists

Are you wondering where the “Lord of the Rings” was filmed? That’s in Hobbiton, Matamata. Have you come for the wine, or maybe see some sheep? New Zealand is the place to be. Once you secure your New Zealand visa application, you have the go signal to enter the country. But before you head to the rugby stadium or search for the so-called “kiwifruit,” remember to stay in tune with the vibe of the community and surroundings.


Here are quick tips to get you started before you explore New Zealand:

Plan Ahead but not Too Much. New Zealand has plenty of places and scenery to visit. You may be tempted to plan your itinerary and book your hotel room too early. Some tourists end up making last-minute changes to their plans to accommodate tourist attraction or events that were missed out earlier. If you have enough time and budget, allow at least a month to see the whole of New Zealand. It is better not to cram everything in your list in a short amount of time.


Make Yourself and the People You Pass by at Home. Part of traveling is getting accustomed to the cultural and societal norms of the local community. Here in New Zealand, many “kiwis,” or New Zealanders, are very friendly and outgoing once you get acquainted with one. Make sure to say “good morning” as you walk through the streets, and they will most likely give you a tale to tell your friends and family. They may even invite you to one of their camping or road trips.


Be Spontaneous and Go Beyond the Guidebooks. Places in New Zealand, such as Auckland and Queenstown, are great tourist destinations. Make sure to visit these places. Then free roam the country for the rest of your stay. The best experience is getting lost in the kiwi nation because there are many uncharted paths and hidden gems that do not make it to many travel guides. Explore the coastlines as well for a magnificent view of the pacific.


Go on Vacation during the Off-Season. The peak season for a vacation in New Zealand is usually between December and February. You may opt to visit during those months, but hotel prices are high, and many locals are also spending the vacation in other parts of the country. You could catch cheaper deals during spring, fall, and winter.